Lil Yachty Talks About His Personal Style, New Music, Fans, Madonna and More

“I just want to be on every lane; pop, EDM – I want to be genre-friendly.”

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Destined to keep that distinct “Dirty South” sound alive and well is Lil Yachty. For those yet not tuned into this 18-year-old flame-haired rapper, Yachty first rose to meteoric fame after being cast to model in Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 show at Madison Square Garden. It was here he met fellow ATLien Young Thug, where the two initially hit it off. Quick to cash in on his big moment, Yachty hit the studio and soon released his first mixtape, titled Lil Boat. The compilation featured a mis-mash of auto-tuned hits, in his peculiar sometimes rapping, sometimes singing manner — a style he went on to name “bubblegum trap.” On to bigger and better, Lil Yachty recently wrapped up some tour dates while opening for “Thugger,” not to mention having already dropped his heavily-hyped Summer Songs 2 mixtape. Check out Dazed for the full feature and read up on how he got his red hair, and who he’d like to collaborate with next.