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HYPEBEAST Hundred 2014

Last year, our team of editors, writers and contributors alike took on the daunting task of listing the 100 most influential people impacting the HYPEBEAST world. The project itself started with the obvious question, ‘what exactly is HYPEBEAST culture?’ We discovered that answer is an always evolving definition. It revolves around the best in street culture and those from the arenas of high fashion and business who are directly inspiring and influencing the world outside of their respective circles. It emcompasses the innovators creating simplified worlds through accessbile technologies. It includes artists, musicians and designers alike providing social commentary as well as those able to help us uncover the hidden beauties we so often overlook. With fashion at its core, HYPEBEAST is a domain in which innovators from all realms of creativity are placed in the spotlight.

In 2014, we saw the continual give-and-take game being played between the worlds of street and high fashion, while the wearable tech industry has become the forerunner in the future of style. Nestled in the middle, is an emerging crop of brands blending functionality with sophistication. Furthermore, the once uncertain and dying medium of print finds life through a growing circle of progressive imprints, while brick and mortars deliver new and exciting ways to bring consumers back to the traditional ways of retail.

Without further ado, we present The 2014 HYPEBEAST Hundred.