The Nike Air Max 97 "Metallic Gold" May Be the Swoosh's Most Photogenic Shoe to Date

A gold standard in sneaker photography.

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The Nike Air Max 97 has made a significant comeback with the resurgence of its “Silver Bullet” edition a few months back. After a few restocks of the aforementioned iteration, the Swoosh moved on to raise the bar with a “Metallic Gold” edition. Nike’s latest drop of the Air Max 97 presents a sense of nostalgia for those who were fans of the model during its first introduction while giving the newer generation a silhouette to admire.

In honor of the colorway’s recent launch, we’ve gather some of its best shots on Instagram. Take a look below and let us know which one is your favorite.


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A brand new pick up always beats any type of view.


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Before there was a Jason Markk, you’d rely on your own cleaning skills and if you were too lazy, you’d rely on others.


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What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever stared at your newest cop?


That first wear is the most graceful you’ll ever walk.


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Your biggest competition is yourself.


We all have that perfect fit before we even through them on foot. What do you plan to wear with your Air Max 97 “Metallic Gold?”


Shine through. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. What do you see through the Air Max 97’s Air Max unit?


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That toe tap provides the perfect angle, just enough of the upper and outsole to show off.


Gold meets gold. What accessory do you plan on using to complement the Air Max 97 “Metallic Gold?”


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The phrase “You have too many sneakers” doesn’t exist in the mind of a true sneaker enthusiast.