More Info Emerges on Why LaVar Ball Pulled Son LaMelo out of High School

Has the outspoken dad overstepped his boundaries again?

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Earlier this week, it was reported that LaVar Ball would pull son LaMelo out from Chino Hills High School to help the budding hoops star concentrate on basketball by eliminating external distractions. Citing issues with the school’s staff, the outspoken dad unleashed a tirade — stating his distaste for the new coach and went as far as collectively calling them knuckleheads.

However, according to the Los Angeles Times, there may indeed by ulterior motives behind the decision to homeschool his boy. Reports suggest that LaVar attempted to strong-arm the school into adding more players — although unclear as to who he suggested — to likely add more depth and star power to the already potent lineup. While still speculative for now, be sure to check back as the story unfolds.

In other sports news, the NBA is switching up its All-Star game format.