Rick Owens Plays with Odd Shapes and Unconventional Layers for 2017 Fall/Winter

Sculptural in a dark and twisted sort of way.

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The “dark lord” Rick Owens showcased off-kilter twists, folds, and drapes in its 2017 spring/summer range. Always a strong contender whenever fashion week rolls around, the brand comes through with a strong 2017 fall/winter lineup that exhibits much of the next-level construction techniques the American designer is known for.

For the new season, Owens takes “sculptural” looks to a new level — the brand has down material pieces wrapped, scrunched and tied around the models’ figures. There are also protruding segments on the trousers and leather items. From a poetic standpoint, the range seemingly plays with the ideals of metamorphosis with the pants having panels of neck collars, and wraps plus folds intertwining in a clashing manner. If there’s one aspect the collection got in terms of what’s trending now, it’s the long, extended sleeves on some of the tops and outerwear. Conclusively, the story that Mr. Owens weaves here is as always a mysterious and enigmatic one.

View the whole collection above and continue to follow our coverage for Paris Men’s Fashion Week.