Visionist Returns with Plans for Second Album & Incredible New Single "No Idols"

“Aesthetic can be achieved by everyone, but approach separates the individual.”

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Two years after the release of his acclaimed debut album and over a year after his last major record, UK soundsmith Visionist is back with a new single, an album announcement and a new label-home.

Now signed to Big Dada, Visionist has announced his second LP, Value. To support and introduce his forthcoming project, the genre-bending producer has provided a preview of the what’s to come with lead single “No Idols.” Along with the aforementioned composition, Visionist has also revealed that popular artist Peter De Potter worked with the team of Daniel Sannwald, Frederik Heyman and Teri Varhol to create his next project’s visual component as well.

Regarding the overall narrative of Value, it looks like its creator is planning to expound upon the concepts he explored with his first album; expect “themes of machismo and effeminacy, self-deprecation and self-love, and self-preservation and validation.” Visionist himself sums it up best with this poetic passage:

“in these fields I shout the quietest
may stable arms strangle my thoughts
vulnerable to brave truths

a window swathed by mirrors remiss
eyes continue to smile at forgiveness
it’s ok…it’s ok… it’s ok…

indulge more, feel restrictions”

“I’m pretty reserved … but, within my art, it is important for me to give a part of myself,” reads an official press quote from Visionist. “Aesthetic can be achieved by everyone, but approach separates the individual.”

You can stream Visionist’s new single “No Idols” above, while Value will arrive on October 20.

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Danniel Sannwald