Pigalle & PORTER Join Creative Forces for a 2017 Fall/Winter Accessory Collection

Two bags and a backpack.

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At the beginning of the year, Pigalle unveiled its 2017 fall/winter collection, revealing a mix of high-end, artisanal Parisian fashion and contemporary streetwear. Now, the French brand is adding to that range’s lineup by collaborating with PORTER on a lean 2017 fall/winter accessory collection.

Comprised of a carry-all, waist bag and a backpack, the range of luxury accessories is set to be sold on September 9, ahead of the entire Pigalle 2017 fall/winter collection’s launch. The products featured in Pigalle and PORTER’s collaboration come in only two colorways: a darker tan and a gold-lined white. Scheduled for a September 15 debut, Pigalle and PORTER’s joint drop comes on the heels of the latter company’s new collaboration with BAL.

You can check out Pigalle and PORTER’s 2017 fall/winter bag and backpack creations above. Besides these items, Pigalle is also busy promoting its 2018 spring/summer collection.

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