The Honda Civic Hatchback Returns to America for 2017

Watch as engineer Bisi Ezerioha tests out the vehicle and takes it to shop for sneakers.

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Absent from the American market for over 10 years, the Honda Civic Hatchback returns to U.S. shores for the 2017 model year. The darling of both dads and drag racers alike in its previous forms, the latest iteration of the Civic Hatchback caters to both groups with aggressive exterior styling and a functional, spacious interior. The Sport trim of the latest Civic Hatchback uses a 180-hp 1.5L turbo charged engine, paddle shifters and 18-inch alloy wheels for a car that delivers on the performance spectrum while still being characteristically reliable.

To review the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback, HYPEBEAST linked up with Bisimoto Engineering in Ontario, California. Bisimoto is the platform for founder and automotive engineer Bisi Ezerioha to turn his 4-wheeled dreams into reality. His workshop is a densely-packed space filled with everything from lightly-modified, ’80s throwbacks to a 1,000-hp Odyssey minivan monster that could put a supercar to shame. When we dropped off the Civic Hatchback, he measured the car’s outputs, before taking it outside to test the acceleration, cornering and braking. Then, for more of a commuter perspective, Bisi completed the examination by looking at the gas mileage and trunk space while doing some sneaker shopping at Nice Kicks and Blends in downtown Los Angeles.

Watch Bisi’s full review above to learn more about his tuning work and to see how the latest Civic Hatchback stacks up against its predecessors. For additional information, head over to Honda’s official website.