Oscar-Winning Film 'Moonlight' Gets Reimagined by Graphic Artist Dead Dilly

He’s created artwork for Jazz Cartier, Childish Gambino and Jayden Smith.

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Conceptual graphic artist, Dead Dilly, is known to some for his conceptual redesigns of name brand sneakers. His work, however, extends to other mediums such as fashion, film and music. Having teamed up with artists like Childish Gambino, Jazz Cartier and Jayden Smith on their album covers, Dilly has built a reputation in executing strikingly bold projects that convey the mood and emotions of his clients’ visions.

The Toronto-based artist also manifests his creativity through the recreation of artwork for his most cherished films. He has designed his own covers for films like Caché, Lost in Translation, and The Tree of Life. During our visit to Dilly’s studio, he took the time to show us his creative process by reimagining the cover art for the Oscar-winning film Moonlight. Watch as he breaks down the Barry Jenkins title to its key concepts and emotions as a powerful, single graphic.