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Propelled from the base of Tetsu Nishiyama’s 1993 project FORTY PERCENT AGAINST RIGHTS (FPAR), WTAPS was launched three years later in 1996. Comparable to the likes of Shinsuke Takizawa, Hiroshi Fujiwara and NIGO, Tetsu Nishiyama has been at the helm of many notable joint ventures with WTAPS and has gained global recognition, after collaborations with the likes of Supreme, Stussy and Vans in the early 2000s became revered across the men's fashion industry. WTAPS is driven by its motto, with individual designs maximized for their potential and produced within the brand’s respective limitations. Having become a viable player in the world of menswear over the past 22 years, WTAPS is now a globally recognised independent that is stocked at 45 locations across Japan with a further 24 across the likes of America, Europe and China. Pronounced “double taps,” the brand’s name is coined from a 1900s military technique of shooting the same point twice; this act, however, bears little relevance to the brand apart from its military-inspired aesthetic. Defined by the practicality and production of combat clothing, Tetsu Nishiyama’s affiliation to graphical insignia, the 1970s vanguard artist Taro Okamoto, seikatsu and Taoism is present across each WTAPS collection. In September 2011, GIP-STORE was opened in Jinnan, Shibuya in succession of Blackflag and stands to this day as one of the only spaces to stock the complete line of WTAPS clothing.

WTAPS x Vans Vault 2013 Fall Collection - A Closer Look
WTAPS x Vans Vault 2013 Fall Collection Preview
WTAPS 2013 Spring/Summer Canvas Sneaker Collection
WTAPS 2013 Spring/Summer Canvas Sneaker
honeyee: WTAPS 2013 Spring/Summer "Philosophy" Editorial with Yosuke Kubozuka
A Day in the Life of WTAPS Designer Tetsu Nishiyama
WTAPS ECWCS Camouflage Jacket
WTAPS 2013 Spring/Summer Mil-Spec Canvas Accessories
WTAPS x Clarks 2013 Spring/Summer Desert Boots


Releases Vans Syndicate WTAPS Authentic S shoe for Vans’ 10th Anniversary


Opens first flagship store, the GIP-STORE, in Jinnan, Shibuya


FPAR re-surfaces as WTAPS


Tetsu Nishiyama founds FPAR
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