Japan's Annual Snow Festival Presents a Huge 'Final Fantasy XIV' Ice Sculpture

Equipped with projection mapping.

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Japan’s annual Sapporo Snow Festival hosted a Final Fantasy XIV ice sculpture as its main centerpiece this year. The 49.2-foot design features a fierce dragon facing off against an armored Dragoon warrior installed with a projection map and audio playing the iconic Final Fantasy fanfare.

The complex and detailed sculpture (which also highlights a magic crystal) was built in part with the Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces 11th Artillery Unit. FFXIV producer Naoki Yoshida also appeared on stage and gave a speech during the festival’s opening ceremony. This is the second consecutive year that there’s been Final Fantasy projection mapping at the event, following a Final Fantasy VII tribute last year. The festival runs until February 12 in Sapporo, check the reactions below and share your thoughts in the comments below. In other Final Fantasy news, Japanese liquor retailer Shinanoya has released a special edition whiskey to commemorate its 30th anniversary.