You Can Now Buy a Subscription for Access to Tap Water

Comes with unlimited refills.

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Reefill is the latest app that allows you to do a task that one can seemingly do without the help of an app — this time with the service provided being access to tap water. Sold as a new way to cut down on waste and excessive use of plastic bottles, Reefill provides you with a re-usable bottle and an app that’s available on both iOS and Android devices.

The app, which is solely based in New York, lets customers know exactly where the nearest water station is, which will provide tap water that is chilled and filtered. For a subscription cost of $1.99 USD a month you can get unlimited refills throughout the month. You can find out more information about about the brand’s plans and where the water refilling stations are located around the city on the brand’s site.

Another app that’s sure to catch your attention, albeit for very different reason, is NikePlus’s offer of a free subscription to Apple Music if you work out enough.

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