WACKO MARIA Debuts Creepy Virgin Mary Incense Chamber

An unsettling reinterpretation of the saint.

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Japanese label WACKO MARIA has created incense and the accompanying chambers in the past, but the brand now plays off of its own name for the “Maria” incense chamber, a brand new chamber model.

Standing 11 inches tall, this recreation of the Virgin Mary is cast in white ceramic and features a spate of holes around the body. A series of holes in the shape of the cross appear on the front, while an abstract shape can be seen on the rear. Notably, the saint’s eyes have been removed, eerily leaving two holes from which smoke can flow.

The Maria Incense Chamber is available from Union for $246 USD. Meanwhile, Bethie Gibbs, wife to Union’s owner, Chris Gibbs, debuted her own line of graphic goods late last year.

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Union Los Angeles