Wendy's Japan's "Wild Rock" Sandwich Swaps out Bread With Two All-Beef Patties

For the protein-craving, carb-diverting diner.

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Attention all meat-loving carnivores, Wendy’s Japan has recently added a new menu item sure to intrigue. Dubbed “Wild Rock,” the acclaimed fast food burger chain has decided to create a new variant of one of its specialties by offering a bunless burger. By swapping out the outer bread layers and instead sandwiching its garnishes/condiments in-between two all beef patties, Wendy’s hopes to attract the protein-craving, carb-diverting consumer. Sitting snugly within the juicy meat patties are ripe vegetables, which when teamed with smokey bacon strips and a fried egg — go on to produce something truly unique.

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Wendy's Japan