Chris Kippenberger Showcases His Porsche 911 for 'AUTOBAHN'

The Studio Kippenberger founder has great taste.

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Chris Kippenberger, the founder of German creative agency Studio Kippenberger, shows off one of his most prized possessions for a new entry in his company’s AUTOBAHN visual series.

Placing the spotlight on his special Porsche 911 for his own feature, Kippenberger takes viewers on a ride from start to finish; starting in his garage, Kippenberger documents a vehicular journey that begins in his home and ends in the open streets. Always selective when it comes to his personal tastes, the Studio Kippenberger founder is someone that takes pride in both his day-to-day essentials and hobbies.

You can take a look at the AUTOBAHN showcase of Kippenberger’s Porsche 911 above. For more, check out a 2014 look at Kippenberger’s former place of residence.

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