'Stranger Things' Is Basically 'The Hangover' With Kids in This Honest Trailer


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Stranger Things began as a sleeper hit and ended up a pop culture phenomenon. But despite its praises, the show nevertheless has many moments worth ridiculing. Screen Junkies newest Honest Trailer tackles Stranger Things‘s first season, mocking some of the shows obvious Steven Spielberg and Stephen King influences. It even tackles the “Justice for Barb” hashtag, asking where’s the love for Benny, the man who died trying to help Eleven in the first episode.

The narration in the trailer even compares the kids club to the cast of characters from The Hangover which also involved a missing friend and a band of buddies coming together to find him. But the narrator makes sure to applaud the casting and breakout performances of the young kids, including Millie Bobby Brown‘s Eleven. Check out the trailer above and share your thoughts below.