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Justin Bieber Might Be Auctioning His Dreadlocks for Charity

This after facing criticism he was appropriating black culture with his hairdo.

Up until April of this year, Justin Bieber‘s new look was the blonde dreadlocks. He would eventually shave his head after facing criticism that he was appropriating black culture through his choice of hairstyle. The Bieb’s hairstylist (Florido) states he kept the dreads and he and Justib Bieber were considering slanging them for charity in a new interview with Cosmopolitan. Florido told Cosmopolitan: “We still have the dreads. Now we might slang them for a charity.” Bieber has since denied his dreadlocks were an attempt to appropriate black culture, stating it was just an attempt at a different image. On Instagram, he said “Being weird is fun. If you are not weird, I don’t like you.”

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