The One-Size-Fits-All Lens Cap Has Arrived

Element-resistant and travel-friendly.

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Courtesy of upstart company Kuvrd, there’s now a one-size-fits-all lens cap for every single camera out there.

Fittingly-dubbed the Universal Lens Cap, Kuvrd’s new creation is billed as the “best way to cover and protect your camera lenses.” Concerning the specific features, consumers are promised a shock-absorbent, travel-friendly product that’s resistant to most things the elements can throw your way; from water and dirt to hail and severe storms, this lens cap was built for all situations and environments. Created with silicon, the ULC is made for both front and rear ends of camera lenses and can stretch from 60mm to 150mm.

You can take a look at Kuvrd’s new Universal Lens Cap above, and head on over to the item’s official Kickstarter page to order your own. For more, read up on the latest major offering from Leica.