The First Six Minutes of Fox's 'The Gifted' Drops Just Prior to the Show's Debut

Circle October 2 on your calendars.

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With Fox’s highly-anticipated series The Gifted just a mere few days away, a six-minute pilot teaser has recently come to light — providing an introductory look as to what lies ahead. In the short clip, Blink (Jamie Chung) is frantically on the run from law enforcement, while coming to grips with her newfound teleportation powers. Inclined to help, fellow mutants Thunderbird (Blair Redford), Eclipse (Sean Teale) and Polaris (Emma Dumont) come to her aid in hopes of reuniting with their own underground community.

Tragedy quickly ensues following a rescue mission gone terribly wrong. Check out the trailer above and have a peak for yourself. The Gifted is slated for an October 2 release — marking the network’s debut of the X-Men franchise to its television programming.

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