An All-Electric Flying Car Is Set to Be the Newest Piece of Military Gear

Another big step towards flying cars.

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Russian manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern — best known for its weapon production — has released a video that shows it has produced a fully-electric flying car. The as-yet-unnamed vehicle is fully electric, powered by batteries located underneath the driver which are linked to sixteen rotors. The car is controlled using two joysticks which are situated just in front of the driving seat. As the video shows, the vehicle is still in early stages of development with a rough and exposed appearance, although the video also appears to show the design plans that are in place for the hovering car.

Alongside this Russian military innovation, this year has seen a few steps towards flying car manufacturing. The company behind Swedish car manufacturers Volvo purchased one of the world’s leading flying car start-ups back in May, while Lilium’s electric flying taxi received $90 million USD in funding earlier this month.

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Kalashnikov Concern