Supreme 2017 Fall/Winter Hats

Color box logos lead the pack.

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Supreme‘s hat lineup for Fall/Winter 2017 arrives with autumnal colors in mind. Mark Gonzales‘s artwork finds its way onto a tight gauge beanie in nine colorful renditions. Wavy, traditional, and psychedelic patterns add vibrant colors and combinations to the mix, while loose gauge beanies in striped and patched styles give a fun option for winter. Rounding out the beanies are the standard box logo tight gauges, with contrasting boxes to the base beanie colorway — hinting at the color combinations for the box logo hoodies also previewed. In terms of hats, five-panels come in textured wool and corduroy releases, six-panels hold sportswear cues, and political and message-filled caps make an appearance as always. New Era collaborates with a few of the hats and beanies as well, providing a second layer of quality and co-branding.

View the lineup above and look out for the collection to release on August 17 at Supreme’s NY, LA and European locations, while Japan should see an August 19 release. Supreme’s online store is expected to release the items on August 24. For more from the latest collection, make sure to also check out offerings in the following categories –


For the full Fall/Winter 2017 collection, visit Supreme’s official website.

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