Honda Introduces the Retro-Futuristic CB4 Interceptor Concept

Inside the LED headlight ring is a fan that powers a touchscreen display on the tank.

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Taking to this week’s EICMA motorcycle showcase in Milan, Italy, Honda has introduced a new, two-wheel ride known as the CB4 Interceptor.

While the look of Honda’s new motorcycle might evoke memories of previous auto-manufacturing eras, the CB4 Interceptor concept comes equipped with modern features; inside of the LED headlight ring, Honda has placed a fan that uses wind to produces the electricity required for the touchscreen display’s operations. Using the touchscreen on the tank, you can pull up important navigation details and run through digital maps, conduct emergency calls and connect with your smartphone.

Presented in all-black, Honda’s Café Racer-based CB4 Interceptor concept comes to us with the “‘Neo Sports Cafe’ design theme” in mind. Previously, the aforementioned blueprint led to the original CB4 concept in the 2015 EICMA exhibition. You can take a look at the Honda’s CB4 Interceptor concept above and in the video below..

Earlier this year, Honda once again combined the styles of the old and new for the Sports EV and Urban EV concepts.