Watch Action Bronson Make Pizza, Shots and Art in Virtual Reality

“I’m putting ramen on the pizza.”

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NYC rapper and food connoisseur Action Bronson took a brief moment away from the Munchies Kitchen for The Untitled Action Bronson Show to step into the trippy world of virtual reality. The Flushing native teamed up with 88rising to make oversized VR delicacies such as a “special pizza” featuring sushi, a bowl of ramen and a turkey, as well as a pretty uncooperative burger. Action then heads to the courts to take some shots and pay tribute to Dikembe Mutombo, before heading to a virtual canvas where he flexes his art skills by drawing a graffiti-inspired dragon.

Watch the humorous experience above and also check out Action Bronson put his knowledge of Asian cuisine to the test.

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