Experience the Inside of a Diamond With XEX's "Prismverse"

A 360-degree audiovisual experience.

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It’s not every day that a skincare-related installation makes its way to the pages of HYPEBEAST, but Hong Kong-based XEX‘s latest creation is far from your typical audiovisual immersion. Dubbed “Prismverse” and created for skincasre label Dr. Jart+, XEX’s installation made its way to Shanghai late last month. So, what is it exactly? Intended to evoke the interior of a diamond, “Prismverse” not only immersed visitors in a faceted interactive space, but utilized a 10-meter-long LED floor to refract light across the entirety of the pavilion — a nod to Dr. Jart+’s Instant V7 Toning Light treatment. Couple the gorgeous showcase with evocative audio by sonihouse and you have one of the most transportive, dizzying looks at a diamond you could possibly imagine.

And the best part? You didn’t have to be in Shanghai last month to check it out: you can do so below via YouTube in 360-degree VR.