#21: ItsTheReal Taught Your Favorite Rappers How to Laugh at Themselves

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Eric and Jeff Rosenthal—collectively known as ItsTheReal—have been riffing about rappers for years. Starting off as self-proclaimed sketch comics, the two won fans over on the so-called Rap Internet with their insider savvy and encyclopedic knowledge of hip-hop history and culture. Not everybody was a fan of their videos, though—their comedic stylings have ired the wraths of artists like Yelawolf and Lloyd Banks in the past. More importantly, the brother have also made fans in high places: Bun B, Cam’Ron, and Peter Rosenberg were early champions of the brothers’ sketch comedy work. After selling a TV show, the brothers started churning out weekly podcasts.

The duo originally set out to host a “dinner party-style conversation” in their Upper West Side apartment, but a blundered press release advertised the series as a literal dinner party. So the brothers ended up fixing elaborate dinners for rappers: salmon and papillote for Bodega Bamz; sea-bass for Gunplay; the list goes on. The brothers don’t cook dinner anymore, but the ethos of the show has remained the same over the course of nearly 150 episodes.

On this week’s episode of HYPEBEAST Radio, Jeff and Eric tell us about how they got started in podcasting; Eric talks about his time as Kanye West’s personal videographer and Jeff’s inevitable solo career as a reggaeton artist. The brothers also tell the exclusive story of how they snuck Jim Jones past the hip-hop police and into their Roc-A-Fella live celebration at the Highline Ballroom.

Check the episode out above and make sure to grab tickets to ITR’s West Coast debut.