#13: GucciGhost And How He Connected With Gucci and 2 Chainz

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Trevor Andrew is known by a couple names, but his most famous pseudonym is probably GucciGhost. “GucciGhost actually started as a music project first,” Andrew remembers, “I released this EP [called GucciGhost], I started drawing the figure and then it just kind of evolved.”

On this week’s episode of HYPEBEAST Radio, the former professional snowboarder-turned-visual artist tells us the story behind the moniker and how photographer Ari Marcopoulos helped put GucciGhost work in front of Gucci’s madcap designer Alessandro Michele. “I basically brought my studio over there, I brought these canvases and suitcases of all these jackets and samples and paintings, bags, all this shit I’ve been making,” says Andrew. “I came prepared because i didn’t really know what it was going to be, I didn’t know if it was going to be a print and I don’t think they knew either. But I showed up with a lot of work and working with Alessandro it was easy because once we had all these ideas it broke the ice and he started building on my ideas and I started making some new stuff.” Andrew also explains how 2 Chainz contacted him via Instagram DM to create the artwork for his latest project, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.

You can check out the conversation with GucciGhost above and be sure to check out our recent op-ed about how Outsider Art found its way into fashion.