#20: Mark Seekings Went From Pro Snowboarding to Working For Kanye West

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Mark Seekings’ creative trajectory is one of many starts, stops, and obstacles: his story started off in the world of professional snowboarding, but an untimely injury led Seekings to art school, to Dior Homme, and eventually to Kanye West. On this week’s episode of HYPEBEAST Radio, Seekings recalls his first days in the DONDA orbit: “It feels like this sort of dream that we all had,” he says. “I just ended up going to those sorts of things and just being around, being present—just being stoked to see a glimpse of this world.”

Despite his low profile, Seekings says that going back and talking to the kids in his hometown was crucial. “It’s really rad to be in this position,” Seekings says, adding “to do big, cool, great projects, but I learned from my interactions with Kanye specifically that you have to do more. If you’re in this position of influence or power, or whatever you wanna call it, you better use it for good.

Tune in above to hear Seekings speak on his work in the podcast above or the video interview below.