A Closer Look at All the Pieces From the Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collection

Straight from the Louis Vuitton showroom.

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It’s only been exactly one day since Louis Vuitton presented its 2017 fall/winter collection that revealed a slew of eye-catching Supreme products. It’s safe to say that the fashion world turned upside down as the frenzy echoed loud throughout the industry — high-fashion and streetwear fans began salivating at the thought of being able to purchase the pieces in the near future.

Consequently, those fortunate enough to get an invite to the Louis Vuitton showroom in Paris would get a chance to see the items up close and personal. While things are pretty much still quiet in terms of official release date and locations, the collection is expected to roll out around the middle of the year. As for locations, all signs point to strictly to Louis Vuitton stores.

In the meantime, we offer you some closer shots of the Supreme x Louis Vuitton pieces above.