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The 2008 Vader Project

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Referencing one of pop-cultures most iconic super villains, The Vader Project recruits the world’s leading artists to each re-appropriate Darth Vader’s conventional black helmet into an art piece of their own. Recently touching down i...

Star Wars x Medicom Toy Bearbrick Pepsi Nex Update

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Following up on the featuring of Medicom Toy’s latest promotion with Pepsi Nex and Bearbrick, more images have surfaced which combine the popularity of Star Wars with the modern artistic template, the Bearbrick. Many of the Star Wars’...

Star Wars x Addict Icon Series

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British streetwear brand Addict has looked to a quintessential piece of pop culture in their latest Icon Series featuring some of the most memorable badguys seen within the popular franchise. Former Boba Fett actor, Jeremy Bulloch was on hand to...

Addict x Mitch x Star Wars

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To celebrate the launch of Addict’s Star Wars “Icon Series” tees, Jeremy Bulloch, the actor who played Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi will be at Addict’s London store for the signing of Addict&...

mimobot Star Wars Series 2

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The whole Star Wars franchise has spawned not only one of the most memorable movie series of all-time but also created a serious sub-culture with few rivals. Regardless of your dedication to Star Wars, you will often associate with a favorite Sta...