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Levi’s is an American clothing company, most renowned for its denim jeans founded in 1853 by German-American businessman Levi Strauss. Popular items like the XX jeans, 501 jeans had its hype lasting. Levi’s legacy in the invention of denim jeans holds strong and today, Levi’s are as popular as they were over a century ago. Levi was one of the many new arrivals to San Francisco hoping to cash in on the Californian Gold Rush in the mid-19th century, Levi Strauss & Co. began as a wholesale trader of fabrics and clothing across the rapidly growing Western States. By 1866, Levi’s had expanded massively and Strauss was a well-known businessman. It was Jacob Davis, a Nevadan tailor and regular stocker of Levis fabrics, who approached Strauss with the idea of strengthening copper rivets, after noticing a trend in customers buying patches to repair their worn workpants. Strauss enthusiastically agreed and in 1873 the two men went into business together, obtaining the ‘Improvement in Fastening Pocket Openings’ patent.The copper rivet, designed to strengthen pinpointed stress areas around the lower pockets and button fly, was incorporated into the manufacturing of the original Levi’s denim fabric XX jean design. Such improved durability increased the marketability of Levi’s jeans, ensuring them as a workman favourite. A decade later, the iconic Levi’s 501 jean was created using the blueprint of the XX jean, and by 1920 Levi’s were the top-selling workman pant in the United States. However, it wasn't until the 1950s that counter-cultures liberated jeans as an everyday alternative to the smarter trouser that superseded them. With this liberation came fresh appreciation for Levi’s, not merely for their functionality but for their style.

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Time magazine names the 501® jean the Fashion Item of the Century


Levi Strauss & Co. makes clothing for the athletes at Olympic Games in 1980 and 1984


The first jeans for women, Lady Levi's® are made


When Levi Strauss passes away in September, his four nephews take over the business


The original "XX" blue jean is given its iconic lot number 501®


The blue jean, ‘XX’, is born


Jacob Davis teams with Levi Strass to create riveted-for-strength workwear


Levi Strauss & Co. is founded
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