Hiroki Nakamura
Founder of visvim
Keith Estiler/HYPEBEAST

Fashion , Retail , Footwear , Design


While the world now seems obsessed with the most advanced hi-tech fabrics and progressive silhouettes, Hiroki Nakamura, somehow, is still finding different ways to experiment with traditional garments. To Nakamura, innovation is achieved by uprooting a piece of clothing’s heritage, dissecting its construction, and then reassembling every detail from scratch with slow, well-considered production processes that give its aging blueprints a stylish refresh. This year saw Nakamura roll out a great number of projects on top of his immaculate seasonal collections. One notable highlight for 2019 was the launch of Subsequence magazine, a unique publication that offers a close look at various craftsmen and artists from a wide range of cultures. If outrageous endeavors like designing a $15,000 USD silk button-up didn’t keep the label interesting enough, other projects like visvim’s travel-inspired Indigo Camping Trailer pop-ups and its “PEERLESS” store opening at the Shibuya PARCO definitely secured Nakamura a place in this year’s 100 list.