Hiroki Nakamura
Founder of visvim
Keith Estiler/HYPEBEAST

Fashion , Retail , Footwear , Design

Hiroki Nakamura founded visvim in Japan’s Ura-Harajuku neighborhood in 2001. It was the fashion-centric area’s most formidable years and was considered to be the birthplace of modern day streetwear. Since then, visvim has become the go-to brand for the most discerning customers who appreciate Americana-inspired style, traditional handcrafting techniques, and rare fabrics — musicians John Mayer, Eric Clapton & Kanye West have been seen wearing the brand consistently. To answer demand in the US, visvim finally opened an LA store in 2018, an ambitious follow up to the label’s NYC pop-up store which started the previous year and other US brick-and-mortars in both Santa Monica and Santa Fe. 2019 brings even bigger promise as Hiroki Nakaumra will surely create products with the same vigor and passion for design he’s always been known for.
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