Keizo Shimizu
Designer for Needles and Founder of NEPENTHES
Tokuro Aoyagi/NEPENTHES

Fashion , Retail

Keizo Shimizu is probably the most influential designer of the year — in casual wear at the very minimum. The side stripe tracksuit bottoms are a constant sellout for Needles, who have massively expanded production and still can’t keep a pair in stock. Worn by the likes of A$AP Rocky, it has both celeb and fashion credentials. Outside of that hyped piece, the world of NEPENTHES is one that many a streetwear fan wants to buy into wholesale and the fact that they might not be able to, due to either cost or — more likely — availability. The other brands underneath the umbrella, aren’t as buzzy, but they still work as handy shorthand for “fashion insider who gets it.” And, in a world where authenticity reigns supreme, that means more than anything.
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