Supreme Spring/Summer 2022 Full Collection

Offering a first look at its B.B Simon, Airstream Trailer, ChapStick, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese collaborations and more.

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Accompanying the delivery of its Spring/Summer 2022 lookbook, Supreme has also unveiled a full look at its latest season collection. The full collection reveal serves as a first look at the sure to be sought after collaborations and accompanying offerings set to arrive in the coming weeks.

Supreme’s SS22 collection features Outerwear, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Shirts, Tops, Tees, Pants, Shorts, Hats, Bags and Accessories. Standouts in the range include pieces featuring artwork from Aeon Flux, B.B. Simon Puffer Jacket, Jeans and Dog Collar and Leash, Coaches Jacket and Jersey featuring scenes from Harmony Korine’s Gummo, and a Shirt marked with an image of Lil’ Kim. Other notable collaborations include boldly branded Anonima Castelli Pila Chairs, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese boxes and a full-size Airstream Trailer.

Supreme’s SS22 collection will see its regular weekly releases, starting with its first drop arriving on February 17, and in Japan on February 19. Take a full look at the seasonal range below.


Despite the weather warming up, Supreme has readied a selection of transitional and lighter outwear for SS22. Included in the mix is a interesting Leather GORE-TEX Jacket, B.B. Simon Puffer Jacket and Denim Jacket marked with photographs by Daido Moriyama. The graphic flourishes are continued on an Aeon Flux Varsity Jacket, Leather Jacket with artwork from The Silver Surfer, Gummo Coaches Jacket and glow-in-the-dark tracksuit top with artwork by AOI. The New York imprint has also teamed up with Vanson and Mitchell and Ness for an array of takes on classic jacket styles.


The sweaters section continues some collaborations found in the outwear range with a knit centered around Aeon Flux and her Heckler & Koch P9S – 9mm pistol, along with Vanson branding marked knit. Aside from a Supreme branded thick cable knit, sublimated logo crewneck and “SUPREME – NEW YORK” vest, is the return of the “fuck” pattern introduced in Supreme’s SS13 collection emblazoned on a crewneck knit sweater.


Supreme’s SS22 collection includes a selection of sweatshirts that play off of previous releases and introduces new designs. Leading the range is a rainbow bling Box Logo Hoodie expected to arrive in a variety of color options and “SUPREME TEAM” hoodie decorated with chenille appliques. Other notables include a floral doily crochet logo hoodie and a new take on the collegiate arch logo hoodie. Collaborative styles include a Aeon Flux zip-up hoodie, hoodie emblazoned with original artwork by AOI and Gummo Hoodie.


Included in the shirts section is the aforementioned Lil’ Kim short sleeve shirt marked with an all-over print of the artist and a duo of shirts expressing scenes from The Silver Surfer. Accompanying offerings include a silky bowling shirt, logo marked chambray shirt, plaid shirt and short sleeve cheetah shirt.


Coming through with a heavy section of tops, Supreme delved into some classic styles and delivered a handful of sporting takes. Along with a selection of traditional T-shirts are a variety of short sleeve knit polos. The sport-themed releases serve as plays on wares seen in cycling, baseball, football, basketball and more. A standout is the Castelli cycling gear featuring artwork from The Silver Surfer.


Set to be accompanied by Spring and Summer T-shirt releases, the SS22 tees feature signature motifs and graphics that range from playful to evocative. Leading the assortment is an Al Green Photo T-shirt, “KNOWLEDGE IS SUPREME” tee, “Love that Supreme” tee and an illustrated graphic tee showing money being ironed out.


The pants found in the SS22 collection serve to complete looks, matching with outerwear and tops. Delivering full set outfits include the bottoms for the AOI artwork glow-in-the-dark track jacket, pants marked with Daido Moriyama’s photographs and entirely chain stitch embroidered denim pants featuring artwork by Raúl De Nieves and B.B. Simon jeans. Other artful bottoms include sweatpants with artwork by Ben Trogdon, painter pants with artwork by Nate Lowman. Aside from the rugged workwear pants and technical cargos are GORE-TEX offerings which includes a full-zip suit.


As with pants, shorts also serve to complete looks, fittingly matching the sporty tops Supreme has prepared. The section also includes Cordura mesh shorts to match the Vanson jacket and sweat shorts for the Aeon Flux zip-up hoodie.