Felipe Pantone Creates Light and Color With the Galaxy Note10

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Artist Felipe Pantone‘s work combines futuristic, digitally-inspired designs with analog aesthetics of the past, creating a distinct body of work that’s captured enthusiastic support from the youth generation. The Argentine-Spanish artist’s subtle comments on being raised in a digitized world, which come out in his colorful large scale murals, speak directly to his core audience, establishing him as a symbol of contemporary street art.

His work manifests as the collision of conflicting elements, with the past — represented by analog details, like pixelation — being matched by pieces of a digitized future society in a single piece of work. The resulting optical patterns are reminiscent of both human and machine-led civilizations, while bright prisms serve to remind us that they can exist in harmony.

Pantone’s use of light and color — two things he considers to be the essence of all visual art — penetrate his massive murals and large canvas work. With that, he seeks modern ways to find inspiration for reinterpreting the two elements. There’s a natural intersection of Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note10 and Pantone in that the smartphone is at the forefront of catering to a creative, highly connected generation making it the perfect tool for work and inspiration.

Perhaps the most noticeable detail of the Galaxy Note10 is its new display for prismatic color. The presence of light reveals the impressive rainbow undertones of the new “Aura Glow” exterior, also available in “Aura White,” “Aura Black,” “Aura Red,” “Aura Pink” and “Aura Blue.” Many of its elements were decided upon after receiving user feedback. For example, consumers often sought out the Galaxy Note for its large screen and S Pen features, but found it too big. With that in mind, the Galaxy Note10 is available in two models that use both new and existing Note sizes, catering to specific needs. From a wider screen and longer battery performance, the smartphone is a strong ally in life and work.

Despite the impressive 6.3” screen and 6.8” screen on the Galaxy Note10 and 10+, the models’ weight and thickness are impressively low. The Note10 comes in at 168g and the 10+ at 196g, both with a thickness of 7.9mm, making the offerings ideally sized for holding in one’s hand. Its Ultra Wide Angle camera, which performs well both in the dark and in the light, features a bevy of impressive functions. Zoom-In Mic amplifies the audio in frame and pushes background noise aside to help focus on the sounds that you want.

The Galaxy Note10 conveniently caters to Pantone’s line of work. Utilizing the device’s Super steady functionality, even as Felipe is on the go, he doesn’t have to worry about hand tremors affecting the various photographs he captured around the city. Similarly to the ethos of his own glitchy work, his use of glitch mode allowed him to distort the background of the photos with a flare similar to the creative essence of his pieces. Topping off it off, the artist freely sketches on the images to transform them into dynamic works of art, blurring the lines of 2D and 3D imagery as a result of the S Pen’s AR Doodle function.

The function of S Pen, which is tantamount to the identity of the Galaxy Note series, has also been further advanced. Notes written with the S Pen can exported to Word, PDF and Image files and can now be written in color, a new introduction to the S Pen.

Samsung DeX helps to further the utility of the Galaxy Note10 as the continuity of PC and mobile has also become more powerful. Only via a USB cable, apps and tasks on the smartphone can be moved over to a PC, allowing them to function with the use of a keyboard and mouse.

The Galaxy Note10 was made with creators, like Pantone, in mind. For designers and YouTubers, for example, the Galaxy Note10 is a powerful companion and tool for multi-tasking thanks to advances in technology and innovation. Its laptop-level storage is the smartphone industry’s highest grade, while its CPU performs up to 33% faster than Galaxy Note9, but it’s also ideal for playing high-end games by reducing heat generation. What’s more, its Super Fast Wired Charging means the phone can charge faster than any other smartphone in the past. It’s also currently the only smartphone that supports 5G technology.

As for Pantone, art is a process of studying the way visual information is consumed — but he also uses our modern means of communication to create. He freely transforms the fragments of analog culture and balances that with latest 3D programs. His work expands out of a digital world and into murals, paintings, sculptures and fashion. Having created a new visual language for a new generation, Pantone is an innovator in his own right. He’s inspired by like-minded thinkers who are able to push the boundaries of their own creative sphere. In that same spirit, the Galaxy Note10 is creating new standards for smartphones for the creative class. Innovation lies right in front of us.

To learn more about the Galaxy Note10, head to Samsung’s website. In case you missed it, check out artist Coco Capitán and chef Roy Choi use the Galaxy Tab S6 and Galaxy Watch Active2.

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