RiFF RAFF Turns 'Aladdin' Theme Song Into Saucy Trap Anthem

A whole new world, indeed.

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Leave it to RiFF RAFF to remix the Aladden theme song, as The White West rapper has just unleashed his first track of 2018, and it’s a saucy one. The Houston-bred rapper’s new track finds him teaming up with singers Iliana Eve and Jenvoix for the neon remix treatment of the Disney classic, “A Whole New World.”

Keeping intact the song’s original chorus with some added 808s, bass and trumpets, you’ll find RiFF RAFF spewing impressive bars like “Head, shoulder, wash the Benz with Head & Shoulders, last time I checked, syrup in my soda, last time this year, parking lots doing donuts, saw you at the fashion show, your style was atrocious.”

The remix was produced by Jonathan Hay and retitled, “Jazzmine.” The song will be making appearance on the upcoming Hoodlum Ball compilation by Hay himself which will reportedly be a dark, comedic hip-hop album. Listen in above and a big shoutout to RiFF RAFF for vowing to quit drugs in 2018.

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