Super7 Celebrates 25 Years of UNKLE With Capsule Action Figure Collection

The collector’s item makes a return.

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After James Lavelle celebrated the release of UNKLE‘s 1998 album Psyence Fiction by releasing a limited number of resin UNKLE77 action figures, the figures became a collector’s item. This reputation was enhanced by the fragility of the figures, which meant that the majority haven’t made it to the present day. To celebrate UNKLE’s 25th anniversary, Lavelle has returned to the figures and collaborated with San Francisco based art toy manufacturer Super7 to recreate the figures.

The newly released figures will come in a life-size UNKLE77 head box, which will also contain one of three 7” records and a clear record adapter that doubles as a display stand. There will be three different box sets, a pink one that contains a single of “The Road” and a pink camo figure, a blue set that features the single “Nowhere to Run” and a blue camo figure, and a green set that comes with a copy of the single “Looking for the Rain” and a green camo action figure. The different boxes will retail at $50 USD and will be limited to 500 versions of each. As well as the UNKLE77 figures, there will also be an apparel capsule that will be debuted next week. The box sets and apparel will all be launching at an event at Super7’s San Diego retial location on July 22 and July 23, which will also feature a signing and exclusive DJ set from Lavelle.

Earlier this year, we took a look at James Lavelle’s extensive collection of OG pieces from Supreme and BAPE.

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