James Franco's "Philosophy Time" Show Is Here to Explain the Complexities of Life

“This is easily the most important project I’ve been involved with in years.”

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What do you get the man who has — or at least the man whose tried his hand at — everything? In actor, artist, writer, musician and director James Franco‘s case, at least, you get them a run of short YouTube films in which they can discuss complexities of the human condition. Hosted by Franco and Eliot Michaelson – Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at King’s College London — and featuring various guest philosophers, Philosophy Time manages to cover everything from the nature of metaphor to the intricacies of how we define beauty. And, reassuringly — while Michaelson expresses his reservations with an “Oh God, how did I let James talk me into this?” —  according to Franco, it’s also “definitely not an elaborate joke.” Watch the first episode of Philosophy Time — the aptly titled “Philosophy 101” — in the video above, then head on over to the show’s YouTube channel to take in some knowledge from an undisputed expert. And a professor at King’s College.

Last week also saw the release of the first teaser for Franco and Seth Rogen’s The Disaster Artist, set to release in December 2017, chronicling the life of filmmaker Tommy Wiseau and the making of his objectively terrible movie, The Room.

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