KFC Hires New Colonel Sanders, Promises to Launch Chicken Sandwich Into Space

“We’re going all out to establish ourselves as a sandwich player.”

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KFC is flexing its marketing muscle as it will attempt to launch its Zinger chicken sandwich into space with the help of Rob Lowe, the new Colonel Sanders. In the video above, the fried chicken enterprise features Mission Commander Colonel Sanders at a podem in an astronaut suit promising to launch its new Zinger chicken sandwich into space. What may end up becoming one of the craziest marketing stunts ever, the chain will actually attempt to fulfill this promise sometime this summer.

Speaking with Business Insider, KFC president Kevin Hochman had this to say:

This is the biggest stunt I’ve ever been apart of in 20-plus years. We’re going all out to establish ourselves as a sandwich player. It’s easier said than done. We’re late to the party — that’s why we’re throwing in the kitchen sink.

We’ll have to sit tight and wait until this summer to see if KFC actually pulls through but this is definitely more outside the box thinking from people who’ve already done a fried chicken scented candle and extra crispy sunscreen. Head to your local KFC to try it now.

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