Danny Brown's Jonah Hill-Directed "Ain't It Funny" Video Is a Nihilistic, Gory, Drug-Filled Sitcom

This could be the Detroit rapper’s darkest visual yet.

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Danny Brown takes the Atrocity Exhibition theme to heart for his new video. Following yesterday’s announcement concerning a previously-undeclared collaboration with Jonah Hill, the Detroit rapper has served up a new “Ain’t It Funny” visual directed by the popular actor. Today’s clip in support of Brown’s 2016 studio album unfolds like its creator’s corrupted, sinister spin on a classic sitcom, complete with an uncomfortably adoring audience. Propelled by a drugs-and-death nihilism, the downward spiral of Brown’s new video brings life to the self-destructive narrative of his recent LP. From hitting an oil burner to getting violently murdered by a living Xanax bar, the rapper goes on a pretty rough ride in his new vignette.

You can check out Danny Brown’s Jonah Hill-directed video for “Ain’t It Funny” above. Last month, Brown served up a video for the Paul White collaboration “Accelerator.”

Chono Kasinger