Netflix's 'The Open House' Trailer Reveals a Sinister Home Invasion

The film stars Dylan Minnette star of ‘13 Reasons Why.’

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The trailer for The Open House, a Netflix horror film that’s premiering on January 19, is here. The film features mother and son Piercey Dalton and Dylan Minnette, breakout star of Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why, who recently lost the patriarch of their family. This leads to them going to stay at a friend’s house that’s isolated in the mountains. As they prepare to leave before the house is shown to potential buyers, things get weird as they are haunted by a mysterious man and creepy neighbors.

The film is written and directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote plus was initially revealed by Bloody Disgusting. Watch the trailer for The Open House above and be sure to check out Dave Chappelle’s two comedy specials that premiere on Netflix on New Year’s Eve.

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