Seiko Introduces "The Black Series" to the Prospex Sea Collection

Built to handle depths of 200 meters.

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Seiko has returned to its Prospex Dive collection to release a limited set of diving chronographs with “The Black Series.” For over 42 years, the Japanese timepiece label has found itself on the cutting-edge by pioneering several watches whose design and functionality have become industry standards in diving.

With a close attention to detail, the label has created three pieces to handle the rigors of diving. With a performance ability of up to 200-m (approximately 656-ft), the watches sport a blacked out body whose coating reflects the darkness of the sea. The SSC673, SRPC49 and SNE493 provide optimal visibility with a bright orange minute-hand, bold typeface, calendar lens, and the unique LumiBrite feature. Never worry about the battery, as the pieces come powered via Seiko’s solar driving system.

Expect a rollout in 2018. In other fashion news, read how Apple gets beat out by an Italian label named “Steve Jobs”.