Nickelodeon & New Era Bring Back Your Favorite Shows & Characters

Collaborative caps that feature ‘Hey Arnold!,’ ‘Rocko’s Modern Life,’ ‘All That,’ and more.

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Everything old really is new again — Nickelodeon linked up with New Era on a range of caps commemorating the cartoons and shows of years past; classic characters from Rugrats and Hey! Arnold return on a slew of caps.

The array of multicolored strapbacks features both contrast and tonal curved brims. Of course, the focus is on the front of the crown, where embroidered characters take center stage. Cartoon characters including Tommy Pickles, Reptar and Helga Pataki all appear in the collection, as do logos from classic TV shows, including All That and Legends of the Hidden Temple. Adult-sized hats are a given, but concessions are made for the younger NickToons fans with a selection of hats in children’s sizes.

Check out the release on New Era’s website. For more Nickelodeon goodness, take a look at KITH’s recent Rugrats-centric release.