'Jean-Claude Van Johnson' Reveals Van Damme's Secret Spy Life in New Trailer

Van Damme has been a spy posing as an action star this whole time…

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Amazon has debuted a full trailer for its Jean-Claude Van Johnson comedy series starring and parodying Jean-Claude Van Damme. The meta action-comedy series will self-reflexively feature Van Damme as a bored, unhappy artist who’s retired and spends his days glorifying his good old days in Hollywood.

The trailer soon demonstrates that his acting career has been an undercover ruse the entire time and that he is actually the most dangerous spy operative in the entire world. The satirical series is not only an ode to Hollywood action films, but offers “one last job” tropes in storylines, and unique social commentary on fame itself.

Check out the Jean-Claude Van Johnson trailer above, and watch it when it arrives on Amazon Prime December 15.

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