Blake Bank$ - "LØADED" (3 A.M In Los Angeles) Official Video

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Trey Skies

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Thoughts On 28 Grams Wiz Khalifa

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I know you liked the last one so...

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What are some of your favorite Rap lines?

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For All The Good People Of London

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EDHID - Gold Plated Pt.2 (Offical Music Video)

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Texas Hit Music (youtube channel with dirty south)

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new artist?

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Rap Song For Elliott Rodger

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AcademY - Skyscrapers (Music Video)

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COOL WAVES (prod by. Mj Nichols)

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Frank Hampton - Depart

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Willy Wonkas Fecto Factory (Prod. Real 100)

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Ab-Soul – Stigmata Ft. Action Bronson & Asaad

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xRETROchaotic_SPLASH by Em-J {produced by PYRAMID JUKE}

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Rochelle Jordan Thread -Toronto

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Nicki Minaj - Pills N Potions (New Single)

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New Artists?

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Chase Smith - Patterns

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New Spooky Black

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- Pouya -

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Roots of Society Records - Advent Vibes Vol. 2 (39 tracks - 23 beats, 16 rap tracks)

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Jazz Recommendations?

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Larry The Eloquent MC - Rocketship Blues

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yo who is this dude

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Do you need beats?

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CoolN - Andre Altrez

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So many Feels

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Anybody know how to create and edit videos?

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Mac Miller - Faces

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PRODUCERS - Sell Your Beats To People Who Need It

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Mac Miller- Faces

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Unlikely / Good hip-hop music

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Producer here, looking for serious rapper with Pusha T/Young Jeezy type content to work with

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The Popular Losers "Fresh" From The New Album "Ghetto Fresh"

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Do I need to change the lyrics to make a ready sad song to happy one?

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HB Cypher 2k14

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