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Will Sky City in China Become the World's Tallest Building?

Though originally reported as being possibly completed over a course of just 90 days, it seems as if Sky City will finally break ground next month. Plans for the world’s tallest building have been circulating for a while now, with developers at Broad Sustainable Building Co. previously quoting a seemingly impossible work schedule. Despite all this, when completed, the 220-story, 838-meter building will be the tallest feat of architecture standing, beating out the similarly dizzying Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Set for construction in Hunan’s capital city – Changsha – Sky City will also boast enough space for 31,000 people, a 1,000-person luxury hotel, and a school able to accommodate 4,600 children. While it’s hard to avoid the implications of such ‘super-buildings,’ the prospect of building such an edifice is impressive, to say the least. Enjoy a preview of Sky City above, and be sure to comment with thoughts below.

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