The 250th Anniversary of Hokusai's Birth Exhibition @ Mitsui Memorial Museum
PHIBS "Perfectly Imperfect" & Beastman "Natural Progression" Connected Exhibition
MEGGS “Journey is the Reward” Exhibition @ Above Second Gallery Recap
Yoskay Yamamoto “Jokes On Me…” Opening Recap @ Lebasse Projects :: Chinatown
James Georgopoulos “Second Amendment” Exhibition @ Guy Hepner
Brendan Monroe “Observations of Light & Matter” Opening Recap @ Cooper Cole
MEGGS "Journey is the Reward" Exhibition @ Above Second Gallery
Studio Visits: Yoskay Yamamoto “Jokes On Me…” @ Lebasse Projects
"Keith Haring: 1978-1982" Exhibition @ Brooklyn Museum
Sipho Mabona "The Plague" for Folding Paper Exhibition
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