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Carhartt Inc. is a U.S. based clothing company known for its workwear founded by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889. Carhartt Work In Progress was formed in 1994 , and they began distributing outside of the American continent for the very first time. It was under this license that Carhartt Streetwear was also formed to meet the worldwide demands of the burgeoning urban fashion culture, delivering more streamlined silhouettes and contemporary cuts. Carhartt Streetwear has since enjoyed collaborations with designers such as Adam Kimmel, as well as other labels such as A.P.C. Born in New York but raised in Michigan, founder Hamilton Carhartt showed an early interest in commercial pursuits; despite the family’s academic background, Carhartt left school in 1882 to establish a wholesale furniture business in Detroit. By 1889, he had converted Hamilton Carhartt & Co. into a business devoted solely to the manufacturing of apparel for workmen. The first products sold were work overalls made from denim fabrics and the famously resilient canvas material that became Carhartt’s trademark -- according to legend, a customer survived being shot by .22 caliber bullet, without injury, whilst wearing his Carhartt overalls. The overall’s double-layered bib, triple-stitched seams and large-gauge zippers characterized the products quality and durability. Although the overalls were more expensive than similar products being sold at the time, Carhartt advocated its superiority with the slogan, “honest quality for an honest dollar”, and the company survived both the economic downturns during the Great Depression of the 1930s, as well as the death of its founder in 1937. Control of Carhartt was assumed by Hamilton’s son, Wylie, and to this day Carhartt remains a family-owned business. The rugged workwear remained popular with the American worker for decades, during which the range of products expanded to include lighter products such as jeans, jumpers and jackets, all manufactured with the same core values of quality and durability.

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The first standalone Carhartt concept retail store opens in Portland, Oregon


A women’s line is first introduced in across the U.S.


Wylie Carhartt, Hamilton’s son, takes the reins of the company from his father


The business grew and subsidiaries were established in Liverpool and Toronto, amongst others in the U.S.


Hamilton Carhartt began with only four sewing machines and five employees. The first products manufactured were overalls in duck and denim fabrics
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