Brendon Babenzien
Founder of Noah
Asato Iida/Hypebeast

Fashion , Retail , Footwear


NOAH has successfully carved its own place in streetwear as the older brother type to brands like Supreme, Palace and other rambunctious skate brands. While still deeply rooted in skate culture, Brendon Babenzien’s NYC label puts a more mature spin on the genre with its edgy, ivy league-esque uniforms and call-to-action approach to social and environmental concerns. 2019 saw this all come together as NOAH not only educated its fans over issues like abortion, labor costs and the overfishing of oysters but it also connected with the Whitney Museum, rock band Fishbone and Sperry for product releases. Brendon Babenzien has been around the street culture industry for a long time now and 2019 was a huge year as he was able to use NOAH as a platform for spreading the message about our ecological footprint and helping out others in times of natural disasters.