Alessandro Michele
Creative Director at Gucci
Jeff Spicer/Bfc/Getty Images



Gucci’s 2019 saw its fair share of both controversies and successes but behind it all when it came to damage control and building consumer optimism is Alessandro Michele, the brand’s creative director. Michele has been a key figure in fashion’s gender fluid movement and this year was big for Gucci in relaying the message visually. Aside from the obvious return to vintage styles and archive prints, Gucci experimented more with the industry’s current streetwear/sportswear obsession. Track suits were given elevated vibrant patterns while sneakers ranged from the chunkiest of shapes to the more tapered slip-on models, all almost interchangeable styles for both men and women. Michele also hit it big on the campaign front with its culturally diverse, uber-whimsical spreads and videos starring the likes of Harry Styles, Sienna Miller and renowned rapper Gucci Mane.